Orchid Care Information

Whether you're a novice at growing orchids or you're a hobbyist that has a flourishing collection of orchids, we want you to be able to have the best information to care for your orchid plants. Below we have listed the most basic care instructions for the majority of orchid plants. If you would like more detailed information, click on the link for your orchid type. Each page contains a link to a file that is printer friendly.

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Basic Care Information

  1. Place orchids in a place where there is bright light, but not in direct sunlight!
  2. Make sure there is good air movement around the plant near an oscillating fan or an open window.
  3. Humidity around the plant is important. Placing your orchid in the bathroom can be an ideal place since there's usually a window to let in light and a hot shower once a day provides excellent humidity. Having a fish bowl near your plant or using humidity trays, humidifiers and fountains work just as well.
  4. Most orchids can handle temperatures ranging from 70's-80's during the daytime and a low in the 40's at night.
  5. Orchids like to be in tight pots and let their roots travel. An easy way to determine if you plant needs to be re-potted is using the "squeeze test". If you squeeze the pot and there is still room to squeeze, don't re-port. Wait until the roots fully fill the pot and then re-pot in a slightly larger pot. Use media that drains well like orchid bark, wood chips, and cinder.
  6. Water your orchid when the media in the pot is dry and your pot feels light when lifted. Usually a twice a week watering is sufficient. Water heavily only in the mornings and make sure the plant gets good air movement after.
  7. We use a fertilizer mix that contains a slow releasing nutricote formula with micronutrients. You may be able to find suitable fertilizers for your orchids at your local gardening shops.

Detailed Plant Care Sheets

Orchid Care Information

Angraecum careAngraecum Care Brunette DendrobiumBrunette Dendrobium
Catasetum & Relatives CareCatasetum & Relatives
Cattleya CymbidiumCymbidium
Dendribium NobileDendrobium
Den. NobileDen. Nobile
Den. PhalaenopsisDen. Phalaenopsis
Den. PhalaenopsisDen. Victoria Reginae
Hono honoHabenaria
Hono honoHono Hono
Orchid FlaskOrchid Flask Orchid FlaskMini Flask Humidity TrayHumidity Tray

Tropical Plant Care Information

Vireya RhododendronVireya Rhododendron

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