Den. Nobile -- Oriental Smile 'Fantasy'  - DEN-15
Den. Nobile -- Oriental Smile 'Fantasy'  - DEN-15

Den. Nobile -- Oriental Smile 'Fantasy'

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    • Large Blooms -4" width (others featured are 2 1/2")
    • Blooms life expectancy: Up to 1 month
    • Multiple blooms on each shoot
    • Average Plant Height: 18"-20"
    • Pot Size: 4"

    Dendrobium Nobile plants have numerous small orchid blooms on each shoot. Many varieties are fragrant. A great orchid plant to display in an office setting or at home.

    Disclaimer: Leaves will spot, turn yellow & fall off after blooming! Do not panic. The plant is not diseased.

    Most people panic or think their doing something wrong when they notice that their Dendrobium Nobile leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Some types of dendrobium orchids are deciduous. The leaves will yellow as the plant pulls the nutrients out of them and then all the leaves on the cane (main stalk) will fall off. While this seems traumatic, it is a natural process for these types of orchids in their cycle to re-bloom. If you notice something else wrong, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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